Our Packages

ELTA is offering several packages for your business however these are only the guideline. It is you, our client, who decides what kind of assistance you need for your business so that we can create bespoke package suitable only for you.

In other words, whatever you require and whichever level of involvement you need from us, we can deliver.  We can be your “extended hand” and work remotely on your behalf.  We shall not change any of your existing company procedures / contrary, we shall align our job to your business practices in order to achieve the best results for you and your company.


This package is covering handling of crew medical cases starting from medical disembarkations and repatriations as well as handling of P&I Crew Claims.

Essential +

The package is covering full range of medical services for your crew starting from the initial advice from on illness/ injury from the Master . We approve shore medical examinations on your behalf, arrange medical bookings or evacuations if required, handle disembarkations & crew P&I claims.


In addition to claims covered with ESSENTIAL +, this package is also covering handling of full range of P&I Claims (crew, cargo, 3rd party claims, FFO, stowaways, stevedores, etc.) and assistance with H&M claims.