What We Do

Our service is for you?

If you are a ship owner, ship manager or manning agent without your in-house insurance department, we can provide our services to you. Why to have hassle of sourcing, employing specialized and experienced staff or training your existing staff for P&I claims handling when you can simply outsource handling of any type of P&I claims to specialists knowing that any of your vessel operations challenges will be efficiently handled and your crew on-board is getting your maximum care while you save time and money with us.

How we can help you?

We specialize in:

  • P&I claims handling
  • P&I crew claims
  • Personal injury, illnesses, disability, death cases
  • Medical evacuations
  • Disembarkations on medical grounds and case management in home country
  • Cost containment

We provide simple and “client carefree” bespoke claims handling solutions when for a competitive monthly fee, you receive complete piece of mind knowing that, in the unfortunate event of any marine incident/accident or crew illness or injury, we will cater for all your needs, saving you both time and money. You will not get batten down in matters that will distract you from the daily operation of your core business.

How do you monitor our performance?

Quite easy. At the end of each month we shall provide you with monthly report of all claims (including potential claims) happened on board your vessels. This way you can actually foresee your expenses rather than pay “whatever has been served to you”, especially if your vessels are managed by others and when usually you have no say or no involvement into the claims process.

Why outsource your claims handling if your employees can handle the claims?

Everyone can handle marine claims. If you already have people in your operations or technical or crewing department handling the claims you can easily say “there is no need for ELTA, I have people handling the claims”.

Claims are being handled but the question is how. How do you know that these claims are being handled the best possible way? And that your money is saved along the way?

Let us use a simple comparison here.It is like driving a car. “We all know to drive but not everyone is like Lewis Hamilton who drives in Formula 1”.

If you entrust your claims & crew to ELTA, you can be carefree because your claims will be managed in the most professional manner. Claims handling was the only job we were doing for many years so we became highly specialized and we pay attention to details, we know which are the best & most efficient practises so you will waste no more time and no more money. Guaranteed.

Benefits Working With Elta


World Class Service

You are engaging highly experienced and knowledgeable personnel without hassle of setting up your own in-house insurance department. You are also sending a strong message to your crew, namely: “The company cares for you and your well-being – this is why we have engaged professionals to ensure that you have proper medical treatment and you are well taken care of’’. This is an effective crew retention formula.



You will know exactly where you spend your money because we attend all “leaking pipes” such as unnecessary 2nd or 3rd visits to the doctor, needless repatriations or surgeries that could have been carried out in home country. We follow up medical treatments in home country and you are not spending 1 USD more than required for the treatment or sick wages. We also control P&I correspondents involvement, arrange medical bookings in USA for your crew etc.



By outsourcing services to ELTA, you know that your crew are safe and your money is controlled, hence you can focus more on your core business and daily vessel operations. Why would you waste your time and resources on medical cases and P&I crew claims when you can dedicate your quality time to your core business making revenue.